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Floating the in the Most Peculiar Way

Posted by Sunbury_Admin on April 15th, 2016

A couple months ago, COOL started floating collections between independently governed and funded libraries. The goal is to reduce wait times for patrons at member libraries.

Here’s how it works:

  • COOL libraries purchase multiple copies of items with high hold/copy ratios.
  • Items are processed without any local branding.
  • Items circulate throughout the consortium, without any geographic restrictions, on a “first in, first out” basis.
  • Once hold lists are fulfilled, the item resides where it was last returned and remains there until a hold from another library is generated.

Looking at circulation numbers, it appears it is working as intended. Items with more than five holds per copy have reduced 12% since the project started. We only expect it to continue to improve as time goes on.

Joe Knueven, director of Germantown Public Library and Chauncey Montgomery, director of Community Library (Sunbury) will be doing a in-depth presentation of the project at the 2016 EIC conference in Raleigh, NC.

Chair of COOL Elected to Evergreen Oversight Board

Posted by Sunbury_Admin on April 15th, 2013

During the recent Evergreen conference in Vancouver, four newly elected members to the Evergreen Oversight Board were announced.

The Board is the executive team of the Evergreen software project that makes guiding decisions and leads the project forward.

The goal of the Board is to :
i. promote, support, and advance the development of the Evergreen software;
ii. support and facilitate the growth of the international community of Evergreen users; and
iii. foster and protect the Evergreen assets.

Current Members (Bold are 2013 elected)
Shauna Borger Indiana State Library
Galen Charlton Equinox Software, Inc. Chair
Stephen Elfstrand MnPALS
Rogan Hamby York County Library (South Carolina) and SC LENDS
Ben Hyman British Columbia Libraries Cooperative Vice Chair
Kathy Lussier Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
Elizabeth McKinney Georgia Public Library Service
Chauncey Montgomery Sunbury Community Library (Ohio)
Andrea Bunz Neiman Kent County Public Library (Maryland)
Yamil Suarez Berklee College of Music
Stephen Wills Beyond Print

Results of Migration to Evergreen: Crash & Burn?

Posted by Sunbury_Admin on April 11th, 2012

Did Community Library (Sunbury) crash and burn? Not even close!

Migration went briefly like this:

First: COOL consortium was formed with Principles of Cooperation, etc.
A worthy item of note: you pretty much keep your own song sheet.
Do, or don’t, charge for overdue books, have a special fine structure, etc. ? Your call.

Next: Pre-work before the migration.

4 1/2 days (last week of January) introductory training at OhioNET, for various staff on certain days.
Consortium and migration meetings and conference calls.
Data cleanup and addition collection weeding.
Test data extracts & analyzing. Data map assignments. Lending, fee, etc. policies.

The technical work (my area) inside the library was a piece of cake.
Opened a port for a certain IP access through the firewall, to our server.
Verified Remote Desktop was enabled on the server.
Installed the Evergreen client on 15 workstations at about 3-5 minutes each.

Finally: Actual migration and switch to Evergreen.

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (March 12, 13, & 14)
– Used Evergreen Offline Mode for checkout only.
– Returned items went on carts, shelves, etc.
– Patron and item data migrated to Evergreen

Thursday March 18
– Library closed to the public
– Chauncey Montgomery (Director) gave training presentation with hands-on.

Friday March 16
– Library closed to the public
– More hands-on in the morning
– Afternoon the staff checked in accumulated items with Evergreen.

Saturday March 17
– Library closed to the public
– Everyone (except maybe Chauncey and Joni) took the day off.

Sunday March 18
– Always closed on Sunday

Monday March 19
– Open for business just like normal but running Evergreen.
– A few glitches but nobody quit and patrons were satisfied.

During this week OhioNet and Equinox fine-tuned the migration.

There have been relatively minor (no show stopper) issues to address. I’d elaborate but have no clue, as not my area of expertise.

Why’d we do it?
Years and years ago we heard about Koha, so visited Nelsonville Library and did a cold call on Joshua Ferraro at LibLime.
Also a visit to Stow-Munroe Falls Public Library.
Koha seemed very good, but we decided Liblime was too much money for us.

After Jo Budler held State Library meetings on Evergreen, we started following it’s development.
Eric Maynard’s Functional Comparison to Horizon was very thorough and helpful.
Evergreen features, phenomenal growth and the backing of major library systems really sold us.

I personally envisioned a state data center running Evergreen.
No longer would every library need a new server, s/w upgrades, backup solution, etc. every 3 to 5 years.
Duplicate ILS vendor support, upgrade and h/w cost would be reduced.
Libraries could share these reduced costs saving money.
So those bushel baskets of $$$ libraries yearly send out of state (to ILS vendors) remain in Ohio
(All this would look good to the state legislature at budget time)

(But best was, offsite program and data storage. No more circ backup worries ! Yesss!)

Some benefit to Community Library and Patrons
– A feature rich ILS, library driven and continually improving.
– Seamless consortium resource sharing.
– Offsite servers and internet professionally managed.
– Reduced long term cost providing more money for acquisitions.

Thank you’s to the groups making migration possible
– OhioNet for vision. overall guidance and support, excellent project supervision, Tier I support, etc.
– State Library of Ohio LSTA grant award to the COOL Consortium.
– COOL Consortium libraries for their vision.
– Equinox for migration support.
– Library staff for adoption to change and overall support.

BTW Most, if not everything, is my thoughts and opinions. And, your mileage may vary.

-Bob Neeper


Posted by Sunbury_Admin on March 20th, 2012

The Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL) is pleased to announce that the migration of the first library in the consortium is complete and the catalog, COOL-CAT, is live, purring, and available for patrons of the Community Library in Sunbury to locate items.

Following this initial migration, the Germantown Public Library will be joining in May of this year, followed by libraries in Chesterville, Cardington and Mt. Gilead at the end of summer.

We’d like to give a special thanks to OHIONET for all their help and support.