Principles of Cooperation

  1. COOL will have a union catalog
  2. COOL will have a combined patron database. All libraries will be able to update patron information from all other libraries to make keeping up with new contact information easier.
  3. COOL libraries will update patron information annually to keep current contact information.
  4. COOL libraries will contribute the expertise of their staff in IT, cataloging, training, etc.
  5. COOL libraries will keep their own library cards, but the barcodes will be recognized in all consortium libraries. Patrons shall be limited to one account per person.
  6. Patrons in good standing with their home library can borrow from the consortium. Patrons above the fine or overdue limit within their home library system will be blocked from borrowing from all COOL libraries regardless of the fine or overdue limits of the other library systems.
  7. Fines and fees can only be waived by the home library.
  8. Libraries will use the statewide resource sharing delivery system and pay for contracted delivery costs.
  9. COOL libraries must use the designated cataloging arrangement set by the Executive Board.
  10. Consortium borrowing.
    1. COOL patrons can borrow and return items to any COOL library
    2. COOL libraries will share any circulating resource, with the exception of realia, with any COOL library, and allow item age restrictions on new materials for up to three months.
    3. The borrowing library is responsible for the circulation, retrieval, and return of borrowed items.
    4. The borrowing library’s fines and fees policies will apply to any item checked out through that library, regardless of where the item comes from. Fines collected will not be transferred between libraries.
    5. The lending library will absorb the cost of any lost or damaged materials.
    6. Existing reciprocal borrowing agreements with libraries outside COOL will still be in force; however, patrons of those libraries will not be able to borrow items through COOL unless they have an account at a COOL library.
    7. Libraries will process COOL requests daily.
    8. Loan periods, including renewals, will conform to the borrowing library’s lending policies and will not exceed three months.